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The road to conception is full of ups and downs. Let our holistic doctors help ease the burden by optimizing your ability to conceive naturally with our holistic fertility package.

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We understand the difficulties and emotional toll around conceiving.

Whether you have been trying to become pregnant for a while or are just starting, our 3-month holistic fertility package will provide you with the knowledge and services you need to optimize your ability to conceive a healthy child naturally. 

  1. Our initial visit will take a deep dive into your health history in order to discover the obstacles that may be hindering your fertility and overall health.
  2. Next, an individualized, holistic treatment plan will be provided to correct and support imbalances to optimize your fertility.
  3. Finally, a series of four Maya abdominal massages to physically prepare the womb for conception will follow.

For just a fraction of the cost of conventional fertility treatments, you can start your holistic fertility journey today! 

If you are feeling like you need extra support, we offer add-on fertility acupuncture, hormone testing, additional fertility massages as well as fertility consults for your partner.

After trying to conceive for 2 years, I decided to see Dr. Curtis before going the IVF path.  She was very knowledgeable and caring about my situation.  And the Maya abdominal massage for fertility was very relaxing.  I also decided to also see Dr. Spears for fertility acupuncture in conjunction.  I’m happy to say that the treatments were successful and I now have a healthy baby boy.  I am glad I listened to my friend and took her recommendation to seek treatment from Dr. Curtis.

Laura and Baby William

holistic fertility
Drs. Curtis and Spears are some of the most thoughtful, mindful and effective practitioners I have had the pleasure to work with. All three of my children have also found great support through the practice as well. Our family is lucky to have found these lovely people and deep healers!
I am so thankful that I found Dr. Curtis and Dr. Spears. I had my first appointment with Dr. Curtis and was blown away by her knowledge and genuine care for me. As I plan to start a family, she has helped me understand how everything in my body is connected and small things to change or tweak in my daily life that can make a huge long term impact in my overall health. Their holistic approach to health is refreshing and inspiring. I feel more in control of my health than ever before and truly its because of these two!

Meet your holistic fertility doctor

Hello!  I am Dr. Shannon Curtis, a registered naturopathic doctor.  While I was trained and practiced previously as a primary care doctor in the state of Oregon, I am dedicated to a truly holistic approach to naturopathic healthcare.  While in naturopathic medical school, I focused primarily on women’s health, taking courses in fertility and advanced gynecology, and completing a midwifery apprenticeship. I have also received additional training in Arvigo Maya abdominal massage and pelvic floor therapy, both of which are great at supporting reproductive health and one’s connection with her womb.  It is with this knowledge and experience, as well as deep compassion, that I would like to extend my support to you on your holistic fertility journey.