Pricing Options

We offer three primary payment options: (1) Direct Care Membership, (2) Insurance, and (3) Fee-For-Service


Direct Care Membership

Our Direct Care Membership model removes insurance companies from the equation, providing you an affordable, convenient, and unhindered relationship with our clinicians. A reasonable monthly investment will help you prioritize your health while giving you full access to our clinical services. Choose a plan in your initial visit after speaking with your clinician about your health needs.

Membership plans are detailed below, and at your first visit you can work with your clinician to decide on a plan that is right for you.

We will ask you to sign the Membership Agreement, which you can review here [link to pdf].

If you have questions you can call or text the clinic at (206) 531-2717, message us through Klara below, or email us as

Customary Care

$ 150
  • Monthly payment
  • Average 1-2 30 minute visits per month
  • Weekly acupuncture as necessary
  • Includes occasional, unexpected, and acute conditions
  • Open communication with your provider
  • Covers in-office care only

Concerted Care

$ 275
  • Monthly Payment
  • Average 2-3 30 minute visits per month
  • Acupuncture up to twice per week
  • Includes occasional, unexpected, and acute conditions
  • Open communication with your provider
  • Covers in-office care only

Intensive Care

$ 150
  • Weekly Payment
  • Average 1-2 30 minute visits per week
  • Daily acupuncture if needed
  • Open communication with your provider
  • Covers in-office care only

Distance Care / Telehealth

$ 100
  • Monthly Payment
  • Average 1-2 30 minute appointments per month
  • Access to clinic medicinary
  • Open communication with your provider
  • Does not cover in-person treatment
  • Additional fees for in-person visits

Direct Care Memberships require a $250 initiation fee to cover the cost of administration and your comprehensive patient intake. Distance Care Memberships, due to shorter initial appointments, are $175.

Initiation fee is not required for established patients wishing to transfer to a Direct Care Membership.

If a patient cancels or puts their membership on hold for more than two months they will be asked to pay the initiation fee again when they rejoin.

No one will be denied a membership solely if they cannot afford one of the existing membership programs. Please contact the office to work something out if you need care but are struggling financially.


You will be responsible for any copay, deductible, or co-insurance as detailed in your policy. If your policy does not cover a minimum of 50% of the billed services we will ask you to pay the difference. Services are billed to your insurance based on our Fee Schedule.

Covers any procedure or service that is covered by your insurance.

We are out of network with all payers but are happy to bill your insurance for you. If your insurance plan is an HMO out of network payers are not covered. If your plan is a PPO then it will likely provide some level of coverage. You are responsible for determining whether your plan covers Integrative, Naturopathic and Acupuncture services before your appointment.

The clinic does not bill Medicare, and all Medicare-eligible patients will be asked to refuse Medicare coverage for any services received.

Ketamine Therapy

Some Direct Care Membership plans include ketamine therapy, but Ketamine Therapy Sessions are not included in the membership. However, Direct Care Membership plan members will receive a significant discount on therapy sessions. Your intake and integration sessions are included in the membership for those found to be suitable for this therapy. Please see the Ketamine Therapy page for more details. 

Fee For Service

Rates are $175 per hour with Dr. Kye and $250 per hour with Dr. Jonathan for patients without a membership who either do not have or choose not to use insurance.

Applies to any treatment that we provide unless otherwise specified.

Payment is due in office at the time of service. 

No one is turned away solely due to lack of ability to pay. Please call or email our office if you have more questions about pricing.

(206) 531-2717

About Whole Systems Healthcare

WSHC Seattle Clinic is a member of a larger 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.   Our mission is to develop a thriving integrative healthcare system built in the vision of holistic medicine clinicians, researchers, educators, and the communities they serve.

Our compassionate team of providers offer integrative primary care for all ages and genders, as well as targeted naturopathic adjunctive support for all of your health concerns. 

We take the time to listen to you, respect your opinion, and care for you as a whole person through a truly holistic approach. 

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