About Us

About Whole Systems Healthcare

We are a nonprofit multidisciplinary holistic healthcare system that combines clinical care with research and education. 

Our Work

We develop evidence-based models that integrate systems science, medical and healing disciplines, and public health in an effort to balance our collective focus on saving lives and managing symptoms with restoring health and promoting long-term wellness.

Our "Why"

Healthcare is changing rapidly. Ever increasing globalization has spurred the beginning of cross-cultural integration of medical and healing systems, or medical pluralism. In the United States and worldwide, there is an increasing demand for health care oriented toward health restoration, disease prevention, and wellness promotion. In response to this, we are developing a framework for understanding the respective roles of medical and healing systems involved in bringing a person from acute illness to a state of sustained wellness, and strive to implement our model in clinical environments.

Whole Systems Healthcare

Our Vision

A thriving integrative healthcare system built in the vision of holistic medicine clinicians, researchers, educators, and the communities they serve.

Our Mission

To provide, research, and teach collaborative health care in service to the whole person: body, mind, spirit, and community.

Our Values

Integrity, Compassion, and Persistence.

Our Credo

We believe that integration requires integrity on the part of individuals, institutions, and therapeutic methods, in order that the true benefits of each system can be realized in collaboration. We revere the accumulation of wisdom that has culminated in each imminent field of study within the health professions and life sciences, and we strive to continue the work of providing compassionate service to human beings in order to heal disease and promote resilient and thriving health in people, communities, and the planet through the application of this knowledge to the best of our abilities.


We're Setting New Standards in Holistic Medicine

First Integrative Healthcare System

We are developing the first integrative healthcare system, built in the vision of holistic medical professionals, in an effort to increase access to the highest quality holistic health resources

Collaborative, Sustainable Business Development

We create needed training, employment, and collaborative non-profit business development opportunities for holistic medical professionals so they can openly practice holistic medicine in a community that values their services

Serving The Underserved

In addition to increasing general access to preventative and restorative holistic health services, we strive to makes our services accessible to all persons, regardless of their financial situation, through our Sponsor a Patient program