Whole Systems Research Institute (WSRI)

The Whole Systems Research Institute (WSRI) is a research collaborative aimed at supporting the holistic, systems-based research initiatives of Whole Systems Healthcare.  Our work includes:

  • Publication of peer-reviewed journals
  • Holistic and integrative medicine research projects
  • Training students, residents, preceptors, and WSHC providers in holistic medicine research methods
  • Facilitating collaboration among leading integrative medicine researchers

N-of-1 Journal

N-of-1 is an upcoming new peer-reviewed journal dedicated to publishing high quality case reports, studies, series, and n-of-1 trials focused on integrative medicine and holistic health and wellness.

Cultural Competency in Holistic Medicine

We are launching a survey to evaluate the level of cultural competency training received among naturopathic physicians in North America—a pilot project that will inform important research on diversity, inclusion, and equity in holistic medicine.

Get Involved

Are you a student or trained researcher interested in developing a research institute dedicated to the study of integrative medicine and holistic health and wellness? Learn about opportunities to get involved on our careers page.