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I am trained as a family medicine doctor - also known as a primary care provider (PCP) - and now practice holistic medicine with an emphasis on health promotion.

While the predominant medical system, including holistic medicine, pushes for specialization; I have chosen to remain a general practitioner rather than a disease/condition-focused practitioner. I do this as a reminder that a Western disease diagnosis is a label. A label that has reduced a human expression into a box without taking into account one’s unique individuality. A label that often comes with self-limiting beliefs about what is and isn’t possible. When we identify with a disease process, we are standing in the way of our power to heal. The first step to healing from a chronic health issue is one’s belief that they are able to heal. I fully believe in the body’s ability to heal itself and it is with this conviction and belief in natural medicine that I help guide my patients back to a state of health.

In our time working together, emphasis will be placed on understanding how your body is communicating its desire to be healthy; it does this through symptoms! The symptoms you are experiencing are the body’s way of communicating a state of dis-ease. By gathering and piecing together the symptoms over time, a story of movement away from health reveals itself. And with this understanding, we can take the appropriate steps to restore your health.

We would be a good fit if you are looking for an approach that looks at what is right, not what is wrong, with your body. A glass half-full approach is empowering as it requires ownership of one’s health. A glass half-empty approach, also known as a disease-focused, ‘what is wrong’ approach, is disempowering and leads one to look for a fix outside of oneself. One of the essential tenets of natural medicine is that the body heals itself; not a drug, practitioner, supplement or protocol.

We would be a good fit if you are ready to be open and vulnerable. Being open and vulnerable allows me to better understand the whole you. While we have become accustomed to labs and imaging directing diagnosis and treatment, these tools provide brief snapshots in time; they don’t do you or your current state of health justice. While functional labs and hormone panels can provide useful objective information, they do not relay a complete picture and often lead to a treatment plan geared toward correcting lab findings. I believe that you are much more than the chemicals in your blood, urine and saliva. And as such, I believe that you deserve a treatment based off of the whole you, not just the parts. Holistic medicine is the bridging of science and art. I will want to know the painting of your health (holism), not the individual pigments that make up the painting (reductionism/functional labs).

In our time working together, I will use several modalities to help guide you back to health. They include:

     1. Lifestyle modifications
     2. Nutrition counseling
     3. Chinese herbal formulas
     4. Western herbs
     5. Homeopathy and drainage techniques
     6. Acupuncture and Japanese direct moxibustion
     7. Bodywork: Cranial sacral therapy, sotai and qigong tuna

I have extra trainings and offerings in:

     1. Psychedelic safety and harm reduction
     2. Perineural injection therapy

I believe that we are here on this Earth having a temporary experience where we are tasked to learn and grow from life’s lessons. Those lessons often come in the form of disease. I offer my services to help you see and heal from those lessons.

I am fully committed to serving you and our community in the restoration of health and sustained wellbeing. If you are ready to begin your healing journey, I invite you to come on in and share your story.


Year Degree Institute
2019 American Oriental Medicine Residency NUNM Health Centers
2018 ND National University of Natural Medicine
2018 MSOM National University of Natural Medicine
2008 BA, Mathematics University of California, Berkeley

Appointment Schedule

Day Time Address
wed 8:00am - 6:00pm 2995 Baseline Rd, #110, Boulder, CO 80303
thu 8:00am - 6:00pm 2995 Baseline Rd, #110, Boulder, CO 80303
fri 8:00am - 5:30pm 2995 Baseline Rd, #110, Boulder, CO 80303
sat 8:00am - 10:00am 2995 Baseline Rd, #110, Boulder, CO 80303