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As a seasoned doctor who specializes in holistic medicine, my approach is anything but traditional. I intentionally don the hat of a generalist, breaking free from the constraints of specialization that can often narrow one's view of health to a mere label. Why? Because I believe you are more than a diagnosis—far more.

A disease diagnosis serves merely as a label, yet too often we allow it to shape our identity and dictate our life narrative. Consider the statement, "I have an autoimmune condition; my body is broken and destroying itself." Such a viewpoint doesn't just influence your self-perception; it also hampers your inherent ability to heal. If you're anchored in the belief that you're intrinsically defective or confined by a medical condition, how can you ever unlock the power of self-healing that resides within you? My core philosophy pivots on your innate ability to heal, a power that only needs the right direction to manifest into genuine health and wellbeing.

Disease labels? They serve as mere bookmarks in the much richer, complex narrative of your life and health. When you come to me, we're not focusing on what's wrong. Instead, we celebrate what's right with you. It's not about fixing; it's about uncovering, removing and guiding. This pivotal shift in perspective—transitioning from identifying with a medical label to understanding that your unique array of symptoms is, in fact, your body's navigational chart back to wellbeing—is the cornerstone of the healing journey. I listen to your symptoms as the intricate language of your body—a rich tapestry woven with threads of meanings that unveil your unique health story. This dialogue of symptoms, which often seems puzzling, starts making sense under my guidance. And from there, we map out your route back to health.

Here's what would make us a perfect fit: You're prepared to tune in to your body's wisdom, setting aside temporary solutions that merely mask the issue. You’re willing to be open and vulnerable, allowing us to truly connect and understand your unique journey. You're ready to become empowered and claim full responsibility for your health and well-being.

Our time together isn't just about diagnosis and treatment. It's a dance of empathy, vulnerability, and trust that allows us to explore your 'whole' self. Yes, I occasionally use functional labs and hormone panels, but they don't define you nor will they be the sole guide for your treatment plan. You are not a set of chemical lab markers. You are a living, breathing canvas, a masterpiece of interconnected systems, emotions, and experiences and hence deserve and need a treatment plan that will meet you at this level.

What Tools Do I Use?

     1. Lifestyle Adjustments s
     2. Nutrition Guidance
     3. Chinese Herbal Prescriptions
     4. Western Botanicals
     5. Homeopathy and Drainage Techniques
     6. Acupuncture and Japanese Direct moxibustion
     7. Specialized Bodywork, including Cranial Sacral Therapy, Sotai and Qigong Tuina

Additional Expertise:

     1. Integrative Fertility Treatments
     1. Psychedelic Safety and Education
     2. Perineural Injection Therapy

Life serves us lessons, often cloaked as health challenges. I’m here to help you decode, understand, and transform these health challenges. I offer my services to help you navigate these lessons and come out healthier on the other side.

Are you prepared to reclaim your health and take control of your life? I warmly invite you to step in and share your story. Together, we'll create a new chapter of empowered wellness.


Year Degree Institute
2019 American Oriental Medicine Residency NUNM Health Centers
2018 ND National University of Natural Medicine
2018 MSOM National University of Natural Medicine
2008 BA, Mathematics University of California, Berkeley

Appointment Schedule

Day Time Address
wed 8:00am - 6:00pm 2575 Pearl St STE 230, Boulder, CO 80302
thu 8:00am - 6:00pm 2575 Pearl St STE 230, Boulder, CO 80302
fri 8:00am - 5:30pm 2575 Pearl St STE 230, Boulder, CO 80302
sat 8:00am - 10:00am 2575 Pearl St STE 230, Boulder, CO 80302